Design Specialties, Inc.

What material is right for you?

Design Specialties has the selection, materials and experience to guide you in making the correct choice for your application. We offer 4 high-temperature materials that will tolerate up to 400oF, and 3 flexible materials to meet a variety of requirements.


We have the largest insulated tray selection with the most durable designs. Our trays will meet your temperature retention requirements and better accommodate your menu. For less than 30 minute delivery, we have several economical solutions. Our insulated trays are not blow molded. There are no holes to patch. The plastic is thick and uniform throughout the tray. There are no weak spot, especially around the corners which get the most abuse. Insulating foam is not injected into the tray, it is one piece that completely surrounds each compartment. Our trays are manufactured in 2 pieces then welded together making it impossible to split the tray - there are no seams.